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    The Sites FAQ


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    The Sites FAQ

    Post  Lil_Whyte on Thu Jul 05, 2012 5:20 am

    More info that i couldn't help you with on this then please contact the Founder:

    FAQ Link:

    This isent a big site YET but when we get more people we will be getting more and more reports,problems or any issue on the site.

    Issues that Admins only can sort out
    If you sign up and Dont get a link for to activate your account.
    Been hacked on the site where someone has took your account.
    Staff have been rude to you or upsetting you in anyway.
    Having problems coming on the site.

    Issues that Moderators can solve
    Locked or deleted topics.
    Warnings or even a ban.
    Issues from members that the Mods have been alerted about.
    If you are told what to do and cannot do on the site by a staff member then you must do so.
    If you have reported anyone for any reason and hasn't been delt with then contact any staff member.

    Warnings and Bans on TheModdingTech:

    1 Warning = No ban
    2 Warnings = Being watched
    3 Warnings = 13 Hour ban
    4 Warnings = 24 Hour ban
    5 Warnings = Spoken to and watched
    6 Warnings = Banned for 48 Hours
    7 Warnings = Watched
    8 Warnings = Watched
    9 Warnings = Banned for 1 Week
    10 Warnings = Last chance and no ban
    11 Warnings = Banned for life and could be issued with IP Banned.

    Banned Reasons:
    Posting a inappropriate topic
    Being rude to staff or member

    If you dont know why you have been banned then message an admin or staff.

    If you think one of our staff is corrupt then contact a Admin ASAP

    Read the rules! They can be found here:

    If you have a Staff rank and get 3 Warnings your staff position will be down graded to a rank below. You can get the rank back after you help and keep the site clean from spam Etc...

    Any problems contact me.

    want youtube views come to pm me

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